About Us

Valley Bee Control is dedicated to providing quality work and excellent service for residents and businesses throughout the valley

We strive daily to help each customer by understanding their needs and providing them with a quality service that will keep their home or business safe from intruders. Our methods of treatment and quality service, incorporated with innovative solutions and affordable prices, are what set us apart from competitors.

Valley Bee Control provides a custom approach to pest control

Our equipment, products, methods of treatment and control strategies have been designed to specifically to target individual bee, wasp and hornet populations. By treating each home individually and providing a custom and planned service, we are able to ensure proper control.

What to expect from our process:

The ability to listen and a desire to understand customer concerns.

A visual inspection of each property to identify pest populations.

A suitable plan of action will be devised to control specific pest populations.

A professional technician to carry out the action plan and control the pest population.

Regularly monitoring of population levels to ensure a safe environment.

Quality Work, Excellent Service, Good Communication, & Friendly People.

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